GST Calculator

GST Calculator

Calculate GST payable with our free online GST calculator. Easy to use, no registration required.

Calculate GST in a Few Clicks with our New Online GST Calculator


Many countries imposes an indirect tax on the delivery of goods and services known as the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Calculating GST can be a complex and time-consuming process as it involves identifying the correct GST rates for different items, computing taxes on the base value and then adding them up. Doing this manually for multiple transactions can get confusing and prone to errors.

To make GST calculation quick, easy and accurate, we have launched an online GST Calculator tool on our website This nifty tool allows you to compute GST on any transaction, bill or invoice in just a few clicks! Read on to know how our free GST Calculator can save you time and effort.


Benefits of the GST Calculator

Our online GST Calculator offers several useful benefits:

Saves Time - Manual calculation of GST rates, amounts etc. can be tedious. Our calculator tool does it for you instantly. Just enter the transaction amount and GST rate, and you get the GST amount calculated automatically within seconds.

Eliminates Errors - When computing GST manually, errors can easily creep in. The GST Calculator does accurate math and gives error-free results every time. No more bill or invoice mistakes!

Easy to Use - The tool has a straightforward interface and process flow. Simply provide the necessary inputs and hit Calculate - even those new to GST can use it seamlessly.

Free to Use - Our GST Calculator is absolutely free to use. There are no hidden charges or limits on usage. Use it as often as necessary.


How the GST Calculator Works?

The working process of the GST Calculator is quite simple:

  1. It has an input field to enter the base amount on which GST needs to be calculated. This could be the product cost, bill amount, invoice total etc.
  2. You then select the applicable GST rate from the drop-down list - 5%, 12%, 18% etc. Multiple GST slabs can be added if needed.
  3. The tool will automatically calculate and display the GST amount based on the inputs provided.
  4. The total amount including GST is also displayed for reference.
  5. You can also enter remarks for every GST transaction row if needed for clarity.
  6. The calculator allows unlimited usage with no caps on computations.


Step-by-Step Guide to Using the GST Calculator

Follow these easy steps to compute GST using our calculator:

  1. Visit and open the GST Calculator tool
  2. Enter the base amount on which GST needs to be calculated
  3. Select the applicable GST rate from the drop-down list
  4. The tool will automatically calculate the GST amount
  5. Click the "Reset" button to clear all fields and start over


Use Cases and Examples

The GST Calculator is very versatile and can be used in multiple scenarios:

Individuals - Easily find out GST component on your electricity bill, restaurant receipt, mobile recharge etc.

Businesses - Compute GST accurately on invoices, purchases, expenses etc. Helps file GST returns.

Freelancers - Determine GST liability on service invoices raised to clients.

For example, if a restaurant bill is $1,000, select the 5% GST rate in the calculator and it will show GST amount as $50 and total as $1,050.

An individual can also calculate 12% GST on hotel room tariff, 18% GST on shopping bills etc. with actual values.



Our new online GST Calculator takes away the hassle of manual tax computation. It helps save time, avoid errors and find the accurate GST amount within seconds. The process is designed to be user-friendly even for those new to GST. So go ahead, try our free tool and say goodbye to confusing GST math! Access it anytime at


Related Questions About the Tool

Q1. Is the GST Calculator free to use?

Yes, the GST Calculator on is completely free to use with no hidden charges.

Q2. Can I calculate GST for multiple items?

Yes, you can add multiple rows in the calculator and apply different GST rates for each item.

Q3. What are the GST rates offered in the calculator?

It supports all common GST rates - 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

Q4. Will my usage data be saved?

No, the GST Calculator does not store or retain any user data. It is fully secure.

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