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JPG to BMP Converter: Convert Photos to the Universal BMP Format with Ease


The JPG to BMP converter is a simple online tool that allows you to convert images from the JPG format to BMP. It provides an easy way to switch image formats.


JPG Format Explained

JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is one of the most common formats used for digital photography and image sharing online. Here are some key things to know about JPGs:

  • Uses lossy compression - Data is discarded to reduce file size which can degrade quality
  • Supports 24-bit color depth - Over 16 million color values for photorealism
  • Great for complex images like photos - Compression works well on detail and gradients
  • Smaller files ideal for web use - Low size makes JPGs fast to load on web pages
  • Lossy quality affected by compression level - Higher compression = smaller files but more quality loss
  • Progressive JPGs load in phases - Image loads progressively from blurry to sharp

Overall, JPG is optimized for compressing photographic images for online use thanks to small file sizes. But the lossy compression can impact quality.


BMP Format Explained

BMP (Bitmap) is an uncompressed raster image format well-suited for simple images. Key attributes include:

  • No compression - BMPs store raw image data without compression
  • Large file sizes - Uncompressed storage results in big files
  • Supports 1 to 32-bit color depths - Allow either 256 colors or full 24-bit RGB
  • Compatibility - Works with nearly all image software and Microsoft Office
  • No built-in transparency - BMPs don't natively support transparent pixels
  • Optional RLE compression - Some BMPs apply basic Run-Length Encoding to reduce size
  • Not ideal for photos - High compression JPEG is better for photographic images

Overall, BMP offers broad compatibility but uncompressed storage limits it for the web. It's best for simple logos and graphics.


How Does This Converter Benefit You?

Converting JPG photos to BMPs allows you to:

  • Import into old programs that don't recognize JPGs
  • Reduce photo colors to a standard 256-color palette
  • Share universally compatible image files
  • Cut file sizes if using BMP compression


Step by Step Guide

Converting JPG to BMP is simple:

  1. Visit any online website that provides free tool like
  2. Upload your JPG photo
  3. Click "Convert" button
  4. Download the BMP!



The JPG to BMP converter makes switching image formats fast and hassle-free. Give it a try next time you need BMP files!




Q: What's the quality difference between JPG and uncompressed BMP?

Uncompressed BMPs have higher quality, but large JPGs approach near-lossless quality.


Q: Can I batch convert multiple JPGs to BMP?

Yes, you can convert unlimited JPGs by repeating the process.


Q: Is BMP or JPG better for image quality?

JPG has better compression for photos but can degrade quality at low settings. BMP offers lossless quality.


Q: What's the maximum color depth in BMP?

The standard BMP format is limited to 256 colors. Some BMP variants support higher color depths.

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