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Convert JPG to WebP online for free with The Online Web Tools' JPG to WebP Converter.

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JPG to WebP Converter: Optimize Images Without Losing Quality


Want to keep your image quality pristine but load pages faster? The solution is converting JPG images to the WebP format. This innovative new image type combines the best of JPGs and PNGs for photos and graphics online.

Let's look at the benefits of switching your JPGs to WebPs and how this nifty tool makes it a breeze.


First, what are the key differences between JPGs and WebPs?

JPGs are the standard for web photos. They use lossy compression that shrinks file sizes through some quality loss. Great for complex images!

WebP also employs lossy compression but at much higher efficiency than JPGs. So you get great quality AND small file sizes - a winning combo!


Why Convert JPGs to WebPs?

There are several big advantages:

  • Smaller files load much faster to improve page speeds
  • Near-identical quality compared to JPG originals
  • Works with both photos and computer-generated images
  • Supported across all modern web browsers


Converting is a Snap with this Tool

Transforming your JPGs into next-gen WebPs only takes seconds:

  1. Upload your JPG image
  2. You can also choose a remote URL
  3. Click "Convert" and voila!
  4. Download the shiny new WebP version

With this straightforward tool, you can quickly reap the benefits of smaller, faster-loading images that look just as crisp as your original JPGs. Give it a try today!




Q: What are the downsides to WebP?

  • Limited support in some older browsers
  • Not yet universally adopted across all websites


Q: Is there any quality loss in converting JPG to WebP?

Very minor losses, usually imperceptible. WebP optimizes with far less loss than JPG.


Q: Which is better for photos - JPG or WebP?

WebP typically provides similar or better quality than JPG but with much smaller file size.


Q: What services support WebP images?

WebP is supported on major platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and more.

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