Report Any Not Working Tool

Report Any Not Working Tool

Report any not working WEB tool and SEO tool

Report Broken Links or Tools


At The Online Web Tools, we strive to maintain all links, tools, and resources in proper working order. However, with a vast site there may be occasional issues that come up. We appreciate our users helping identify any broken links or non-working tools so we can swiftly fix them.

To report a broken link, non-functional tool, or other technical issue you encounter, please use this page to provide the details so our development team can investigate and resolve it.

When reporting links/tools that are not properly working, please include the following information to help us address it:

  • The page URL where the issue is located
  • The name of the specific link or tool that is broken
  • A detailed description of the problem (error messages, unexpected behavior, etc.)

Providing these specifics in your report helps our developers recreate and pinpoint the technical problem faster so it can be fixed. We aim to resolve all reported issues within 48 hours so please check back if the link or tool is still not functioning after that time.

You can submit as many broken link/tool reports as needed. Our site undergoes continual improvement thanks to feedback from users like you. Thank you for helping us ensure everything functions smoothly!

For non-technical questions or other support needs, please contact us via our Contact Page. But this page is dedicated solely to technical issue reporting so our development team can be alerted.

We appreciate you taking the time to report broken links or malfunctioning tools. Your feedback is invaluable to help us identify and troubleshoot problems to improve the user experience. By working together, we can keep our platform running seamlessly.

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