Volumetric Flow Rate Converter

Volumetric Flow Rate Converter

Convert volumetric flow rate units, including cubic meters per second, liters per minute, gallons per minute, and more.

Convert Volume Flow Rates with This Powerful Tool


The volume flow rate converter is an invaluable online tool that greatly simplifies the process of converting between different units of volume flow rate measurement. Instead of having to manually look up formulas and perform complex unit conversions, engineers, researchers, and other professionals can simply rely on this advanced converter to obtain accurate volume flow rate calculations instantly.

This versatile converter supports seamless transformations between a wide range of volume flow rate units including cubic meters per second (m3/s), liters per second (L/s), gallons per minute (GPM), cubic feet per second (cfs), and many more. Let's look at step-by-step guidance on using the tool.


How to Use the Volume Flow Rate Converter?

The volume flow rate converter has an intuitive interface that makes converting between volume flow units straightforward:

Step 1) Enter the numeric volume flow rate value that you need to convert in the input field. Make sure to enter a valid number.

Step 2) Using the dropdown menu, select the current unit for the entered flow rate, whether m3/s, GPM, cfs etc.

Step 4) Click the "Convert" button and the tool will instantly calculate and display the converted volume flow rate in the desired unit.

Step 5) You can now utilize the converted volume flow value in your calculations or copy it for use elsewhere.

The tool also allows switching conversion direction seamlessly by swapping units. Give it a try!


Use Cases Across Industries

The volume flow rate converter delivers value across many sectors:

  • Civil engineering - Designing water and sewage systems, irrigation networks
  • Chemical industry - Ensuring accurate flow in processing facilities
  • Environmental science - Tracking flows in environmental assessments
  • Healthcare - Medical equipment design involving fluid dynamics
  • Aerospace - Aircraft fuel system flow rate calculations
  • Automotive - Optimizing fluid flows in engines and cooling systems

With its versatile utility across applications, the volume flow rate converter is a game-changer for streamlining engineering workflows and boosting productivity.

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